all resources are meant to serve as a STARTING POINT TO ACTION

PLEASE READ: y’all. please do not use these links as your sole resources. like it says above, all of these are meant to serve as a STARTING POINT TO ACTION. i’m disillusioned with carrds to begin with and i’ve contemplated deleting this entirely because i’m afraid it’s doing more harm than good, but i know some people still benefit from the resources listed here, so i’ll keep it up. please understand that it's been a little difficult for me to update this lately and respond to all your DMs and keep up to date with everything that's going on because of things i'm dealing with personally. and please remember that we can only do so much by signing petitions and clicking on links. real work is CONSTANT and effortful and goes beyond the screens of our phones.

when i made this back in may, it started out as a place to compile a bunch of links in one place to make knowledge/methods of action more accessible. i now realize that more often than not, it lulls people into a false sense of complacency. i don't want to continue to contribute to that, but i also wanna keep doing everything in my power to help people stay informed. i may try to reboot this, i may not. i'm trying to figure out what the best course of action is moving forward. i'm open to accepting any feedback because honestly, i don't know what to do. i'm just one person and the amount of people that have been coming in angry to my DM's and demanding my attention and energy since May has been a bit overwhelming.

like, i don't ever want it to seem like this carrd is the absolute authority on world issues lmao. it's also difficult because some of the resources people send in are so clearly biased in one way or the other, and having to sift through that with my own judgment is a bit difficult. i will always commit to learning about what's going on in other places, but the reality is, i'm just one person, and i can't adequately represent all sides of every conflict everywhere at all times. no amount of resources in any carrd can represent world issues in a way that's complex enough to do them justice. and that's a truth i've been actively trying to reckon with.

so when y'all use this carrd, please keep that in mind. please realize that these resources are not the end all be all, that the people who are directly affected by an issue know what they're going through better than anyone else, and they'll ALWAYS have varying opinions on the matter. and PLEASE do the work beyond this. educating yourself is a start, but if you can ORGANIZE within your communities, DONATE TO MUTUAL AID, and seek out ways you can tangibly support the world and the people where YOU are, DO IT. because real change stems from the local level.


on THIS page: BLM, the Philippines, #PayUp, Free MENA, In Latin America, In Asia and the Pacific, Uyghur Muslim Concentration Camps, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ+ Rights

on the NEXT page: Indigenous Communities (cont.), Free MENA (cont.), In Asia and The Pacific (cont.), Protect Sex Workers and Combat Trafficking, Abolish ICE, Fight Antisemitism, Environmentalism, Asian Americans and COVID-19, In Eurasia, In Africa, In Europe, VOTE(U.S.A)

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new links for Philippines typhoon relief, Indian farmer support

Black Lives Matter:


i feel like this goes without saying but i don't own/manage any of these! i'm just linking them all here for easy access.

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